Two Generations of Quality Processing

Welcome to KB Poultry Processing, LLC, of beautiful Utica, Minnesota.  We’re proud to be a modern, certified organic, second generation family owned operation, ready to meet your poultry processing needs. Because ours is a family business, we have been able to grow to meet the demands of our local clientele. Rather than concentrate on meeting weekly quotas, we focus on customer satisfaction.

Our facilities are USDA inspected daily, helping KB Poultry Processing deliver on our promise to provide delicious-tasting, humanely handled, premium-quality poultry to your family’s dinner table.

Certified Organic Chicken

At KB Poultry Processing, we believe that if you’ve only eaten store-bought chicken, then you’ve never tasted real chicken. We offer retail customers fresh-from-the-farm, certified organic chicken that has been raised, processed and packaged by us to our uncompromising standards. You’ll never have to wonder how your poultry was handled, what the birds were fed, or how they were housed. From start to finish, they never leave our care. Customers rave about our fresh, homegrown barbeque chicken, available in a 4-lb average.

At KB Poultry, we are set up to process your poultry for you, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese or guineas. We also sell our own certified organic, hand-raised chickens which we have processed in our USDA inspected shop.

Stop in to order your healthy, fresh off the farm, certified organic chicken by the half or whole. Birds are available fresh or frozen.

KB Poultry Processing

Proud to Be Locally Owned

KB Poultry Processing is located at 15024 Sandstone Drive in Utica, MN. Our normal business hours are 6am-5pm, Monday-Friday. For more information, call us at (507) 932-9901.