Poultry Processing

Family Operated & USDA Inspected for Quality

KB Poultry Processing is proud to be a second-generation processor, able to handle your chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese or guineas. We’ve adopted slow, intentional business growth to meet the needs of local poultry farmers and consumers alike in our USDA inspected shop.

Organic Chicken from Barn to Table

We provide retail customers fresh-from-the-farm, certified organic chicken that has been hand raised, processed and packaged by us to our uncompromising standards. You’ll never have to wonder about the quality of the chicken you are feeding your family. From start to finish, these chickens never leave our care. Unlike the skinny birds you’ll find in the grocery store freezer, KB organic chickens run between 3.5 to 7 lbs. apiece. Ask about our fresh, homegrown barbeque chicken, available in a 4-lb average.

Custom Processing

If you’ve only ever eaten mass-processed chicken, then we don’t think you’ve ever tasted real chicken. At KB Poultry Processing, we’re family owned and operated, and that affords us special privileges, which we think make all the difference in how your poultry tastes. We’re not focused on a number or on how fast we can get a bird from arrival at our shop to packaging; we concentrate on doing the job right, plus we do it as humanely and as environmentally safely as possible. We are a relatively small team and we handle the birds from start to finish throughout butchering. We believe it’s important to stay connected to the food we eat, and that’s why we share our process with you.

Step-by-Step Poultry Processing:

  1. Arrival and killing
  2. Blooding tunnel
  3. Scald for 1 minute
  4. Picker (removes feathers)
  5. Eviscerating – Removes feet and crops are open
  6. Through the line for inspection
  7. Removal of lungs and crops
  8. Thorough cleaning in the bird wash
  9. Removal of heads and necks
  10. Chill tank for 6 minutes
  11. Cool down in slush ice to about 38 degrees
  12. Shrink bag packaged for air tight seal
  13. Moved to freezers or available for immediate picked up
  14. Weighing and USDA approval stamp on each package
  15. Farmer comes and picks up his product

Proud to Be Locally Owned

KB Poultry Processing is located at 15024 Sandstone Drive in Utica, MN. Our normal business hours are 6am-5pm, Monday-Friday. For more information, call us at (507) 932-9901.